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г.   I had additional 5 kilos at least Ivan Tcherezov: “In Oestersund it seemed that I had additional 5 kilos at least” Sprint prize winner Ivan Tcherezov told how difficult it had been to overcome the distance on the second stage of World Cup in Hochfilzen. “Many sportsmen have missed today. In Hochfilzen approach to the shooting ground is more difficult than in Sweden – rise is long so you have no time to calm your breath. Now I am maturing like a sportsman. After frankly difficult races in Oestersund where it seemed to me that I had additional 5 kilos at least, here my shape gradually becomes better. Skiing is much easier for me now. I still have plan to win personal medal of world championship but also I would like to be in top-three of general classification at least and fight for victory in any small cup”, - newspaper “Soviet sport” quotes Ivan Tcherezov. Translation of Marina...