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г.   Problem of functional readiness Ivan Tcherezov: problem of functional readiness Today official training of mens team of Russia has carried out in Austrian Hochfilzen. At the end Ivan Tcherezov, the best sportsman among Russians, number eight in world rating, have talked with journalist of “” cite. - At first stage of competitions you fulfilled qualifying standard of RBU (Russian Biathlets Union) – you twice were in top-fifteen. Did you plan it? - No, I hadn’t such goal. - Did you aspire to higher result? - Of course. We started season much better last years. - Yes, for example, last year in Kontiolahti you won one race and in Oestersund our team was outside prize winners. What is the reason for that? - For two last months we did a lot of work for supporting further growth of results. Our team performed during high workload what affected results. Now every one of us needs time for rest so our organisms could digest all these load. But its very individual process which depends of features of organism. - In Oestersund individual race was hold in the evening. What do you think about races within artificial lighting? - It wasn’t at first time. Usually some races which are hold before New Year in Scandinavia take place within artificial lighting. In Ruhpolding and Oberhof there are evening races, so they are quite normal for us. - What is the reason for your unlucky shooting in pursuit? - Certainly, speed and physical conditions affect shooting. When you have bad conditions its very hard for you to shoot. If you feel that you cant win back lag through distance you try to shoot clear so you could use chance to show good result. It was very cold, about ten degrees below zero, and intense fog that affected my shooting. But that is no excuse for me because everyone had equal conditions. - Was the main reason for big loss in the last lap of almost our biathlonists connected with functional state or bad work of servicemen? - Servicemen worked first competitions quite well; the problem was in functional readiness. Though I skied last lap not so bad, I didn’t feel any lightness, it seemed to me that I was hanged some additional kilos. In individual race we had to ski on sticky snow what complicated sliding, so we overcame the distance longer than usual. - You have already tested Hochfilzen route. What is the difference in comparison with Oestersund? - It feels here that generally snow is artificial, viscous. - Vladimir Alikin have said that Mikhail Prohorov, the president of RBU, was going to visit Austria.

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