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Теплые инфракрасные полы Caleo

г.   Positive emotions Ivan Tcherezov: After relay race I feel only the most positive emotions Triple world champion Ivan Tcherezov has commented relay race in Hochfilzen and his shooting in pursuit race. “After relay race I feel only the most positive emotions. Everything went strikingly. I wanted to do highest possible good for our team – so it was: fast moving and 100% shooting. Thankfully, I felt quite well though we had competed for 3 days in succession. Of course, I have been tired, but well-prepared skis helped me. I had no agitation at the shooting ground. Yes, it was unpleasant accident in pursuit race. But it was my specific mistake. When we did adjustment before race it was strong wind from left side. During the first shooting it changed direction. It seemed to me, that I had done right correction. But it was found that I hade done correction to the opposite side. Five misses were logical – all shots had hit the same spot. This race was a lesson to me”, - agency “All sport” quotes Ivan Tcherezov.